Zimbra Email support

Zimbra is a collaborative software suite that includes an email server and a web client.

Deploy Zimbra for your organization using our Zimbra install and training service. FT Technologies will consult with you, install and configure Zimbra Collaboration Suite then provide administrator or End user training.

As well as a rapid Zimbra deployment you can use this service for:

Evaluation: if you wish to perform a Zimbra evaluation before committing to a purchase, planning and roll-out. You can use FT Technologies’s Zimbra skillset to quickly deploy an evaluation environment without investing time and staff to learning Zimbra administration upfront.

Migration: if you are migrating from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino or another IMAP-type email system, again you can use this service to quickly deploy Zimbra and depending on your migration requirements move all mailboxes to Zimbra.

Zimbra is a collaborative software suite that includes an email server and a web client
Zimbra is a collaboration suite used as an Email system

Features of this service include:

Configuration: Prior to installation, FT Technologies will consult with you and discuss your requirements. Your requirements determine the Zimbra Collaboration Suite choice as well as any additional configuration that may be required.

Zimbra software: Based on your requirements and budget FT Technologies will recommend a Zimbra solution most suitable for your organisation.

  • Zimbra Open Source Edition (free)
  • Zimbra Starter Edition (for less 15 mailboxes or less, separate purchase)
  • Zimbra Standard Edition (separate purchase)
  • Zimbra Professional Edition (separate purchase)

Installation: FT Technologies will install the platform for you onsite and later you can choose to either have onsite periodic support or self-support which will require administrator training to be done for internal staff. Before installation, FT Technologies will do an analysis to identify the setup, capacity and redundancy level of the hardware required.

Administrator Training: After the installation and configuration process is complete, FT Technologies will provide training for you to take you through the features of the Zimbra Administrator Client and Zimbra Web Client. This is to familiarise you with the configuration options and answer any questions you may have. FT Technologies provide other administrator training, if required.

End User Training: FT Technologies can deliver an end user training session at your site. This training session is a presentation style review of the Zimbra Web Client and Zimbra Desktop. Other training for your end users can be provided, if required.

On-demand Support: Once Zimbra is deployed for your organisation; FT Technologies can provide on-demand support at a special agreed rate for any immediate post-install support issues or tasks.