Forex Rates and Multimedia Display Boards

Forex Display System

A flexible solution for your Bureau de Change and Bank Forex Rates displays. The Enterprise version (on-premise) is also used for displaying multimedia advertisements on Smart TVs, converting a normal Smart TV into a powerful messaging board essential for reception areas and bulletin boards.

✅The system has a Cloud version and an Enterprise version

✅The cloud version is suitable for a Bureau de Change, while the Enterprise version is suitable for on-premise hosting and has more features than the Cloud version.

✅We provide annual maintenance support

Cloud version:

✅Display on any sized Smart TV connected to the internet

✅Display an unlimited number of Forex Rates

✅Centralized update of daily rates from the backend

✅Ability to have special rates (up to 4 different views). Change on screen.

✅Customized look and feel.

    Enterprise version:

    ✅Includes the features of the Cloud version

    ✅Integrate with Windows AD for user management

    ✅Keep records of creators and editors of information

    ✅Display multimedia messages on the screen along with the rates (videos and images)

    ✅Put the Start date and End date of showing the multimedia messages

    ✅Cache video and images and play even when the server is not reachable

    ✅Bulk update of rates using Excel file upload

    ✅Automatically determine the default view of rates by filtering source IP (each region or branch can have its own set of rates)

    ✅Keep a history of exchange rates, download when required

    ✅Download daily rates in PDF for circulation

    ✅Change the display layout, dark mode on the screen

    ✅We can integrate with another system for automatic updates of rates (e.g. CBS, Forex API)

    Click here for a demo.