Project Management

FT Technologies manages Information Technology (IT) projects from beginning to end. Our staff are project management certified professionals from PMI and Prince2.

We work in all phases of IT project life cycles: organizing project teams, preparing project needs assessments, drafting Requests for Proposals for vendor services, directing vendor selection processes, integrating company and vendor teams, managing system tests, conducting independent quality assurance audits, preparing independent verification and validation reports, and running on-going IT operations. We provide all of these services independently from hardware and software vendors, with whom we have no business partnerships or alliances.

FT Technologies provides Project Management Services
Project Management is all about managing resources

During the project management process we ensure:

  • Getting it right from the outset

FT Technologies understand the need to have an accurate and shared understanding of the project goals and we achieve this through structured requirements-gathering involving sponsor and stakeholders in a process that is inclusive and participatory.

  • A transparent process

Having defined the requirements, our clients enjoy good visibility of the development process through our weekly feedback meetings and continuous engagement with the customer.

  • Quality

Quality at FT Technologies is a continual process and it applies to all phases of the project and to all artefacts and deliverables – including documentation and internal procedures. Each project concludes with a post-project review in order to make best use of lessons learned.

  • Support into the future

Our projects do not normally end with the final delivery and many of our clients require on-going support and maintenance.


FT Technologies use a combination of brain forming techniques, tried and tested hand sketching methods and our own unique ways of sourcing inspiration to wean the very finest ideas from the concept; starting with the wonderfully impractical and quickly moving to the sharp, resolved and most importantly innovative ideas you expect.

This service is more often offered as part of Project Management service and sometimes independently in order to assist customers to reach a higher creativity and innovative level.