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Oracle database support

Whether you need assistance for managing your corporate IT systems or you are running a data centre, you can partner with us for reliable support and services. We provide full onsite and offshore support for databases and ERP systems.

Why choose FT Technologies?

When you choose FT Technologies to support your Oracle database, you can rest assured that your database is in good hands, irrespective of the Oracle version that you are using.

We provide Oracle Database support services and Remote DBA support service for live production databases from Oracle database versions 7.3 to Oracle 12c. You can opt for either onsite Oracle DBA support or remote DBA support services.

FT Technologies provides Oracle database support services
FT Technologies provides Oracle database support services
Big Data, Business Intelligence, Database optimization, and Data Warehousing

Wide range of Oracle dba support services offered

Whether you need help in Oracle database tuning or Oracle database troubleshooting, you can trust us to provide the best service every time. With our database optimization knowledge and carefully laid out processes, we are the ideal technology partner for businesses of all sizes. Our services also include:

  • Installation, Managing, Troubleshooting and Monitoring of Oracle RAC Databases.
  • Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration.
  • Deployment of Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c, Oracle 18c, Oracle 19c & Oracle 21c features like ASM, FGCA, ADDM, VPD, OGG, Automatic Shared Memory Management, AWR, ADDM, Caching and Pooling, Flashback Recovery, Partitioning table, Securefiles, Dataguard, Oracle Replication, Oracle Stream, Secure Backup, Advance Security, Advance SQL Tuning etc.
  • Oracle Performance Tuning & Smart Computing
  • Disaster Management Deployment and Administration
  • Monthly Health Check-up for Oracle Database Servers and Operating Systems
  • Onsite hands-on training, customized and catered for customer’s environment and needs

We specialize in working on a 24*7*365 environment. We can also customize a cost-effective support plan and a disaster recovery plan based on your requirements.