IT security auditing

FT Technologies provides IT Security Auditing service designed to assess the security risks facing your business and the controls or countermeasures you can adopt to mitigate those risks.

The IT Security Audit is typically a human process, performed by a team of professionals with technical and business knowledge of the company’s information technology assets and business processes. As part of any audit, our team will interview your key personnel and conduct vulnerability assessments through:

  • Process Audit
  • Systems Audit including Penetration Testing
  • Network Audit
  • Application Audit
FT Technologies provides IT Security auditing services

Our Process Audit will not only assess compliance, but also assess the very nature and quality of the policies and controls themselves.

In many cases, security policies become rapidly obsolete with the release of new technologies or process overhauls. Security audits are the most effective tool for determining the validity of those policies.